Zeolites are natural volcanic rocks with unique properties that can be used in many industries.

Their special molecular structure that allows the filtering of harmful substances and radiation earned them the name of molecular sieves. They can act as a catalyst in many chemical reactions including oxidation reactions or neutralizing heavy metal ions.

         A highly valued metamorphic rock, zeolite resulted from incredible forces, extremely high rock pressure and temperatures that completely transformed volcanic sandstone  over millions of years

In various forms of processing, zeolites can be used in agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, oil industry, construction, air and water purification, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and more. Few other natural stone have such a wide usage.

Zeolites Production is the company that owns and operates one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania coming from volcanic tuff located in the Persani Carpathians mountains, from the inner frame of Transylvanian Basin.

Operational area and modern technological line for zeolites have a processing daily capacity of 200 tons of raw material at various grain sizes from 5 microns to large stone blocks in various packaging forms.

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