Zeolites Production is a company founded in 2013 and its aim is to exploit one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania located in the Rupea area, in the Brasov county.

The extraordinary properties of zeolites have defined the company's interest to turn a natural and ecological resource into finite products or raw material for various industries.

The Zeolites processing factory is opened in June 2015 when the investment program was  completed and our advanced production line, with breakthrough technology that allows processing of zeolite rocks, is be up and running.

The Zeolites Production activity is based on numerous studies, tests and certifications that are a solid proof of the high quality of the zeolite that will be extracted in our quarry. The entire research and certification activity was started in 2000 by  researchers and experts in the field and by management team along with experts in developing natural resources processing projects and marketing products containing zeolites.

The investment of Zeolites Production is by 1.7 million Euros, a budget which will allow the setup of the production line and the construction of our own research laboratory designed to discover new benefits and ways of using zeolites.