The zeolites deposits of Zeolites Production Company are located in a complex of natural rocks in the Persani Mountains of Romania.
Mineralogical studies conducted in the areas of volcanic tuff, which is the subject of the exploitations that will capitalize zeolite reserves, showed us that the entire mass of the rock has been under intensive pressures and through the process of diagenesis it was turned into today’s zeolites. The minerals that were affected by this process were mainly feldspats.
Most samples taken and submitted to mineralogical analyses show that the concentration of zeolites is above 95% which takes us to the conclusion that our deposits are of special value. 
From a quantitative perspective, the reserves are virtually inexhaustible in the mentioned area.
The opening of the main working front is made naturally by a large and well revealed outcrop.
The tuff repository that hosts the zeolites is layered, sometimes massively, and in greenish color with brown oxidative areas represented by manganese dendrites.
The quality of raw material is proved by numerous documents: 
▪ Chemical analysis. 
▪ Mineralogical Analysis. 
▪ Various studies and researches regarding the main usages of zeolites in different areas.
▪ Analysis for micro and macro-elements.
▪ Analysis for material radioactivity.
▪ Document showing the properties of retaining heavy metals and radioactive substances.
▪ Dioxin Analysis.
▪ Analyses regarding the cationic exchange capabilities. 
▪ Sanitary Notices issued by specialized institutions. 
▪ Notifications for Human Use issued by authorized institutions.

All this information was obtained from research studies performed together with research institutes specialized in exploring theoretical and practical topics.

There is no part of the technological process that involves the use of toxic substances. There is only the extraction of ore from the quarry and its processing process, which is done through specific procedures.

The exploitation done by Zeolites Production meets all environmental requirements. All procedures are performed under the authorization of legal institutions.