ZeCo Ground - Soil fertilizer

The properties of zeolites can be successfully used in agriculture with visible improvement in crops but also reduced spending on agricultural work.

ZeCo Ground can be used as soil fertilizer improving its properties through its capacity to absorb harmful substances, water retention and cation exchange capacity.

Among the benefits of ZeCo Ground we can mention here:

▪           Reduces nitrates from the water penetrating into soil and thus reduces nitrates from plants;

▪           Retains heavy metals from soil or water and thus their concentration in plants;

▪           Balances soil PH having as a result a greater resistance of plants and even of fruits and vegetables after harvest;

▪           Restores moisture and improves soil quality. Sandy soils will retain longer the water with ZeCo Ground and loam soils will become more friable contributing to better plant growth and also easier agricultural works. In case of a rainy season, ZeCo Ground prevents roots rotting and crop destruction and if a dry season, it keeps soil moisture longer due to its ability of absorption and desorption of water;

▪           Contributes with essential chemical elements Si, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, K , P, Cu, Zn, in the plants metabolism;

▪           Contributes to the development of a strong root system, especially during the shoots;

▪           The seeds have a high germination rate.

The use of clinoptilolite zeolite products generated in experimental cultures production increases by 15% without raising the amount of used fertilizer.

ZeCo Ground can be used with good results in mixtures with other nutrients. The mineral from ZeCo Ground will release gradually the nutrients from soil during plant growth. ZeCo Ground prevents washing these nutrients from the soil when they are used before a rainy season.

Enriching the soil with ZeCo Ground is a lengthy process as it does not dissolve in water

How to use it:

ZeCo Ground can be spread on the ground before plowing works and will be then incorporated into the soil or can be mixed with other fertilizers enhancing their contribution through a gradual release into the soil.

ZeCo Ground is recommended in fruit growing, vegetable growing or any indoor gardening.

In fruit and vegetable growing, by repeated usage of ZeCo Ground like fertilizer, the following effects were noticed:

▪           Increasing the number of flowers

▪           Increased resistance of fruits

▪           Bigger and juicier fruits

▪           Increased resistance of fruits or vegetables after harvest

▪           An early ripening of fruits and vegetables.

ZeCo Ground is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly product and is recommended regardless of the type of culture

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.

Recommended usages:

Fruit Trees: 5 - 10 kg/tree

Cereals: 500 kg/ha

vegetables: 500 – 1000 kg/ha

Industrial plants: 500 kg/ha