ZeCo Lawn – Lawn substrate

For the perfect look of a natural British lawn, steadily care is very important but the secret lies beneath the surface.

No matter how hard you try, you will never succeed to get the desired results if the grass has to grow on a land too wet or too dry or contaminated with chemicals.

ZeCo Lawn offers exactly what it needs for a grass field, be it the front lawn of the house or company building, a football field or a golf course.

ZeCo Lawn’ main component is natural clinoptilolite zeolite which, due to its properties of balancing the moisture level and absorbing harmful substances, it help growing a healthy grass and maintaining the clean and healthy green appearance.

ZeCo Lawn keeps an optimum soil moisture even when there are variation in temperatures or rainfalls volume, obviously when they are within some reasonable values. The product helps grass root growth in a healthy environment.

Mixed with other fertilizers, ZeCo Lawn improves their performances by preventing grass burning in case of fertilizer over usage and by extending its effects through the gradual release of nutrients. On the other hand, it prevents fast washing from soil of the fertilizer.

ZeCo Lawn absorbs nitrates and other harmful substances which generally give the appearance of yellowing and drying grass or worse, generates those empty land patches that are not a good looking, even if the grass is watered and mowed regularly.

ZeCo Lawn make the lawn grass more resistant and in the same time, it allows easier care of the ground as the substrate has a balanced humidity, being neither too dry nor too wet, avoiding the annoying traces that can leave a mower on a very soft land.

Other positive effects of ZeCo Lawn

▪           Soil aeration that reduces the risk of forming fungi

▪           Regulates the temperature of the substrate lawn. This effect is very useful for natural grass from terraces

▪           Absorbs heavy metals or other harmful substances from soil.

Recommendations of usage:

ZeCo Lown is laid as an underlying bed, mixed with soil or as an independent layer, before turf pricking or before applying turf rollers.

If case of natural grass – and not applied on uncovered areas - can be used ZeCo Lawn as a thin layer like a fertilizer and will absorb over time in soil. This process should be done once or twice a year.

ZeCo Lown is 100% ecological and does not pose a risk to people or animals who use the lawn.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, should be stored in dry places.

Recommended usage:

▪           as a support layer: approx. 50 kg/sqm

▪           as a mixture with soil -15 to 20% of the final layer

▪           for fixing lawn - approx. 1 kg/sqm