ZeCo Air - Air cleaning filter

Any industrial process has as a result toxic air that is scattered in the atmosphere generating pollution at a greater or lesser extent, some even generating bad odors that can be spread on extremely large surfaces.

To comply with environmental requirements and not least to eliminate or substantially reduce unpleasant effects on the population in the surrounding areas, any industrial park, or even farm animals have to pay more attention to air quality.

ZeCo Air is a product for the industrial areas that allows absorption of chemicals and odors from air resulting from various chemical processes.

ZeCo Air

▪ Eliminates sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the air

▪ Removes ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases from contaminated air generated by refineries or other types of plants that scatter substances into the atmosphere.

▪ Eliminates volatile organic compounds of carbon (VOCs) turning them into hydrophobic carbon.

▪ Eliminates odors in the air if used in the air filtration systems.

ZeCo Air absorbs radiation from the air

Clinoptilolite zeolite has a cation exchange capacity with high affinity for heavy metal cations. It can absorb elements such as Sr 90, C 137 and other radioactive isotopes keeping them captive in its structure.

ZeCo Air is recommended as a highly efficient product for absorption of radiation in the air.

ZeCo Air is 100% organic zeolite clinoptilolite based type tuff. Its properties to absorb harmful substances recommend it as a good solution in cleaning the air that is passed through special filters in industrial processes.

How to use it:

ZeCo Air is used as the active ingredient in industrial biofilters to absorb harmful substances or radioactive substances.

ZeCo Air can be used in construction materials to use its property to absorb radiation from the air (coatings, construction materials).

ZeCo Air is a 100% ecological product.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.

Usage Recommendations:

Depending on the technical characteristics of filters that are used into air filtration equipment.