ZeCo Traction - Auto and pedestrian skid

Side-slipping on the highway at 80 or 100 km/h could be a tragedy but equally dangerous is to slip on the stairs in front of your house. Solutions, both for industrial and household use are quite a few but most of them have a negative impact on the environment.

Salt or saline solutions scattered on the road will drain along with the water from melted snow in the ground and from there, in the underground water attacking the side road areas where there are planted trees or vegetation that contributes to road safety. The same effect occurs when these solutions are used in the backyard. In the same time, saline solutions attack concrete or asphalt generating significant repairing costs in the spring.

One solution, tested and with good results and great benefits is ZeCo Traction.

Why ZeCo Traction?

ZeCo Traction is an ecological skid product for auto or pedestrian usage. A thin layer of ZeCo Traction offer excellent grip on the road or park alleys, sidewalks or tram stations, stairs or any area where ice and snow can make victims.

The product has been tested with very good results even on roads in Northern Europe where the weather is extremely difficult but also the caring for the environment is extremely high.

ZeCo Traction is a zeolite based product therefore contains no salt or chemicals being extremely environmentally friendly. It also does not cause corrosion of the surfaces that is laid on.

ZeCo Traction can be used with confidence for the inside alleys as the product is safe for children or pets. In spring, when the snow melts completely, ZeCo Traction layers can be swept with confidence on grass or flowerbeds providing added benefits due to the important qualities of the clinoptilolite zeolite from this product.

ZeCo Traction, skid solution in winter but also in summer

ZeCo Traction is extremely useful not only for ice or snow but also for oil leaks, gasoline or other substances on roads or alleys that make a surface slippery. Zeolite sand absorbs oil substances and then is easily removed from the roadway sweeping it and leaving a clean area without danger of slipping.

ZeCo Traction is more suitable than river sand, in winter to eliminate risks due to icy roads and all over the year for oil stains fallen in the road. It has a greater capacity for absorption than common sand.

ZECO Traction is a product with rapid effect after application on slippery surfaces making them safe.

How to use it

ZECO Traction is applied as a thin layer on slippery surfaces. On surfaces with high speed driving, ZeCo Traction layer has a shorter fixation time and should be replaced periodically.

ZeCo Traction is a 100% ecological product.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.