ZeCo Aero – Moisture and odor absorbant

Cleanliness is perfect when order and wiped surfaces with no dust or stains are completed by fresh, odourless air.

The lingering smell in the air is due either to a faulty ventilation of a room, which can be difficult to repair for certain buildings or structures or due to mold or other sources that generally persist due to excessive moisture in the air.

ZeCo Aero is a product that offers the solution that every household needs for clean air and especially where rooms can not benefit from natural ventilation.

What makes this product different is that ZeCo Aero does not work by covering odor with perfumes or other scents but by absorbing odors from the air and also by reducing humidity.

Odors are due to microparticles lingering in the air. ZeCo Aero product based on natural zeolite clinoptiloliptic absorbs various malodorous gases, particles of mold, chemical polluting compounds or other microparticles releasing air from odor sources.

Zeolite has also the property of absorbing excessive moisture that is a contributing factor for molds.

ZECO Aero is recommended

▪ To households with pets inside

▪ To busy offices with reduced aeration

▪ In refrigerators and freezers for odor absorption

▪ For lockers or changing rooms of sports facilities or gyms

▪ Inside gyms or fitness rooms

▪ For dark rooms or rooms with a higher humidity level

▪ For closets, cellars or other premises where there are stored perishable foods

ZeCo Aero is a 100% eco-friendly environment. It is non-toxic and not irritating for those who use it.