ZeCo Clean – Ecological water softener

Romania is a country with hard water and the effect is best seen in how long a washing machine is working properly. But filters, pipes, valves are also affected by water hardness and this is one of the reasons the cost of facilities maintenance is quite high

Softener products manage to solve this problem partially with certain costs that mainly means environmental pollution because to be effective, these products contain various chemical compounds.

ZeCo Clean is a 100% ecological water softener product that has great quality of being environmentally friendly.

ZeCo Clean is a product based on natural clinoptilolite zeolite with excellent results in softening due to its cation exchange capacity.

ZeCo Clean effects:

▪ Absorbs calcium and magnesium ions and softness the water

▪           Clothes do not remain impregnated with the odor of softening substance

▪           Discharged water is not contaminated

▪           Discharged water contains particles of zeolite that can even improve soil quality or water of rivers where it reaches

▪           Pipes and drain valves benefits from natural zeolite properties having a longer life

How to use it

ZeCo Clean can be poured into the special tray of the washing machine.

Recommended usage: depending on the water hardness

▪           Softened water - 0-7 ° dH - no need for using ZeCo Clean

▪           Water with medium hardness - 8-14 ° dH - 10 mg / l

▪           Water with high hardness - 15-21 ° dH - 20 mg / l

▪           Water with very high hardness - 22-28 ° dH - 30 mg / l

ZeCo Clean is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly product. It is non-toxic and contains no chemicals.

ZeCo Clean do not cause allergies from particles left in the clothes. On the contrary, these fine particles can have a beneficial effect.