ZeCo Compo – Trash odor absorbant

The smell of trash or yard dumpster is extremely disturbing and it occurs mainly due to tight liquid and moisture that favors soaking manure and release of malodorous substances

ZeCo Compo is a natural product that eliminates most of the odors from garbage bins by absorbing nitrates and other chemical compounds that are the main sources of bad odors.

ZeCo Compo used as a protective layer between trash and atmosphere but also as a bedding layer on the bottom of trash bins absorbs moisture preventing the creation of a favorable environment for garbage decomposition and larvae.

ZeCo Compo is a 100% natural product based on clinoptilolite type zeolite. Its properties to absorb harmful substances and humidity make it suitable for using it to remove bad odors.

ZeCo Compo Effects:

▪           Absorbs ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide and other chemicals released by fermentation and manure that are the main source of odor

▪           Let the trash containers clean after spilling garbage

▪           Easier maintenance of garbage containers with rare need of washing them.

▪           Easy to use

▪           ZeCo Compo does not cover odors but eliminate them by removing the causes

▪           ZeCo Compo is also economically efficient because you don’t need to throw garbage until it’s full, because it does not smell anymore

How to use it:

▪           Lay a ZeCo Compo layer of about 1 cm on the bottom of garbage containers and then strew a thin layer on top of the trash only when necessary.

▪           Clean the garbage containers previously and dry them.

ZeCo Compo can be used to speed up the decomposition of organic waste. Stored in a special pit, for compost, ZECO Compo can be applied as intermediate layers between layers of garbage accelerating decomposition and compost quality resulted but also enriching the soil quality in which it is then settled by increasing water retention capacity, soil aeration, and enhanced retention of nutrients.

ZeCo Compo is not dangerous for pets that have a habit of looking through the garbage leftovers.

ZeCo Compo is a 100% eco-friendly environment product. Non-toxic and not irritating for those who use it.