ZeCo Fish – Acquarium bedding

Aquariums are more and more popular to kids but also to grown up people as they look incredibly nice and offers to a room tranquility that you borrow from those brightly colored fish. Aquariums are more and more popular also in public places such as restaurants, bars or even as a nice décor for offices with a modern design.

The beauty of an aquarium is given by the clarity of the water, the fish liveliness and the vivid colors of the aquatic plants inside. All this requires clean water from which to be removed impurities, toxic substances and acidity generated by invisible residues in the water. Often, even the clean tap water comes with many impurities and bad acidity.

ZeCo Fish is the ideal product for keeping aquariums clean and in good conditions.

Used in aquariums as sand, it has also an aesthetic role, but the most important properties are those of the natural zeolite from it that improves water quality.

ZeCo Fish manages through its properties:

▪           To absorb impurities from the water and settle them

▪           To eliminate toxic substances from water, especially ammonia

▪           To balance the PH of the water reducing its acidity

▪           To prevent the growth of algae that gives the tank an unpleasant look and makes it hard to clean

▪           Provide that aspect of crystal clear water

With ZeCo Fish, aquarium maintenance is much simpler producing biologically cleaned water while providing favorable conditions for a suitable aquatic life. Fish living in an aquarium treated with ZeCo Fish have a longer life.

How to use it:

▪           Apply a 2-4 cm layer on the bottom of the aquarium

▪           It is recommend a thorough cleaning of the aquarium before applying ZeCo Fish.

▪           Change the layer at regular intervals, depending on the number of fish in the aquarium.

ZeCo Fish is a 100% natural and ecological product. Do not contain chemicals, additives or colorings. Can be used for any type of aquarium and any fish species, with no restrictions.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.