ZeCo Flora – Decorative sandstone for plants

Passion for flowers and plant growth is hard to be compared with something else and experienced gardeners know that for a nice garden you need skills, knowledge but also a little help.

A soil full of nutrients that must be replaced from time to time in the flower pots or in the garden, a proper humidity level and suitable light are the main secret for a beautiful jardiniere or a colorful garden. Still, there is a secret that only savvy gardeners know it: ZeCo Flora, a decorative sand for plants that offers more benefits than aesthetic.

ZeCo Flora is a product based on natural zeolite type clinoptilolitic. Beyound the pleasant appearance you give to a jardiniere or to alleys between flowers, ZeCo Flora helps you to improve the quality of soil in which the plants are seeded.

The active ingredient in ZeCo Flora, the zeolite, absorbs harmful substances from soil or leaked from the leaves that were chemically treated.

ZeCo Flora has also a humidity balancing role for the soil from an outdoor garden resulting in a higher resistance of plant even when the temperatures are high or in case of a dry season. In case of excessive humidity, the water surplus is absorbed in the zeolite layer and released gradually over time.

ZeCo Flora effects

▪           Seizure of harmful substances in the soil including nitrates

▪           Reduce the risk of fungi or other pests

▪           Reducing unwanted vegetation around the plant

▪           Adjust the soil PH effect with positive effect in plant appearance and their resistance.

▪           Increased resistance of flowers

▪           Increasing the number of flowers on each wire

▪           Balanced soil humidity

How to use it

ZeCo Flora can be applied as a thin layer of 2-3 cm over the entire bottom surface of the pot or jardiniere or within a radius of about 10 to 15 cm around the stem or in different arrangements of corridors between flowers in the outdoor gardesn to create a nice landscape.

It is recommended to apply ZeCo Flora before planting and replace the layer every year.

ZeCo Flora is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly product and is recommended regardless the type of plants. It is Non-toxic and contains no chemicals.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, should be stored in dry places.