ZeCo Pet – Bedding for cages and terrariums

Pets can positively transform your life. If you choose to have a small dog, a hamster, a parrot, a lizard or even a few turtles in an aquarium, you have already in the true sense some new family members you need to take care of.

Cleanliness is the watchword when you have pets in your house and especially when you have kids. What may give you some trouble is to get rid of the smell that do not vanish no matter how much you wash the cages or change the layer on which they sit.

ZeCo Pet is a completely different product really offering a solution to eliminate odors, no matter what pet you have, it makes it easy for you to clean the cage of your hamsters or birds and provide much better conditions for fish or lizards in the aquarium and turtles in the terrariums.

ZECO Pet is a product based on clinoptilolite zeolite, a natural sand with exceptional properties which absorbs odors and moisture from the layer on which the animals are staying helping to preserve the clean environment from cages or terrariums.

ZeCo Pet means

▪           Eliminating odors and absorbing moisture

▪           A longer time to use than other types of sand for animals

▪           Easy to use product

▪           Inhibition of bacteria, ticks or other parasites growing

▪           No odor when thrown away

ZeCo Pet can be easily mixed with sawdust and is not a toxic product. Do not stick to fur, feathers or animal claws.

Used in terrariums, ZeCo Pet do not dissolve in water keeping for a longer time the ability of absorbing odors and harmful substances, while preventing the formation of algae.

How to use it:

▪           3-5 cm layer in cages or terrariums

▪           Change every 8-10 days depending on the number of animals cohabiting in the cage or terrarium.

ZeCo Pet means an easier life for you while enjoying the pleasure of having a pet.

ZeCo Pet is a 100% ecological product. It is not toxic and does not pose a danger to children playing with pets.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.