A chinchila breeder knows that the appearance of the coat is the most important asset in finding a good market to sell therefore any effort or investment in this direction is extremely important

But the appearance of the coat is influenced by many factors, sometimes not taken into account and one of them is the sand left in the cage for the daily bath that the pets uses to clean their fur. The quality of this sand is essential.

Chinchila comes from the Andes in South America where, in the natural habitat they are rolling in the dust of volcanic ash. This powder has special properties and by penetrating the fur till skin will absorb impurities giving the shining look of the coat that makes this animal so famous. Volcanic dust is contains zeolites and the properties of this special mineral explain the effects it has on Chinchila coat.

ZeCo Chinchila is a special product developed for these animals that has properties similar to those of the dust Chinchila uses daily in their natural habitat. ZeCo Chinchila contains clinoptilolite zeolite absorbing toxic substances and microorganisms

Not all sand is good for this animal so chinchila farm owners should pay importance to have some animals with a shiny coat and therefore the financial results expected.

Recommended usage:

The special sand ZeCo Chincila should be poured into a bowl large enough for the animals. The layer should be about 5-6 cm thick. The vessel should preferably be glass for no risk to damage the coat, Chinchila makes dozens of rapid movements during the bathing process. Chinchila will bathe like in a pool of water and the special sand will absorb the impurities from their fur. Sand has the role to absorb toxins or other harmful substances leaving behind a beautiful coat, clean and bright

Such a bath should be offered to a Chinchila at least 3 times a week.

ZeCo Chinchila should not be mixed with other types of sand for maximum effect.

ZeCo Chinchila is a 100% natural product.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, should be stored in dry places.

ZeCo Chinchila is odorless and is not irritant for animals.

ZeCo Chinchila is also recommended for owners having a Chinchila pet. Sand bath in particular is essential for a pleasant appearance but also for the good mood of the animal