ZeCo Hygiene has certain qualities that recommend it to be used for improving the environment in which animals live on a farm or micro farm.

ZECO Hygiene reduces odors mainly by absorbing ammonia from urine and neutralizing harmful substances that leak into the soil, hay bedding or sawdust and creating better conditions for farmed animals, but also for the caretaking staff.

ZeCo Hygiene also allows easier floor cleaning as it absorbs moisture and the debris can be cleaned easier as it does not stick on the floor or on the soil.

By using ZeCo Hygiene, the risk of animal diseases can be dramatically reduced. Because moisture is absorbed, the conditions that create the environment in which larvae, Coxidiosis or the mushrooms that are the source of Aspergillosis disease can develop are almost completely eliminated

Subsequently, the material soaked with ammonia substances can be used with good results as fertilizer on crops.

ZeCo Hygiene can be used 
▪ in a mixture with sawdust as base layer for poultry farms, birds or other small animals 
▪ for the underlying layer in the form of a powder for pig, horse, cow or other large animals farms.

How to use it:
For a better results, the product is spread on the surface covered with manure for a period of three days. After this period, a new fresh ZeCo Hygiene layer should be added over the absorbent layer:

▪ Cattle - between 300 and 600 g / sqm 
▪ Pigs - between 150 and 300 g / sqm 
▪ Birds - between 300 and 500 g / sqm 
▪ Sheep and goats - between 150 and 300 g / sqm 
▪ Rabbits and Chinchilla - between 100 and 150 g / sqm

Another possibility is to apply a ZeCo Hygiene layer, simple or in composition with sawdust, straw, etc., on the clean surface.
As the cleaning cycle is l longer, the layer must be thicker.

ZeCo Hygiene is a 100% natural product.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in a dry place.

ZECO Hygiene is odorless and does not irritate animals or cause allergies.

ZECO Hygiene is recommended also for Zoo Gardens where odor reduction is essential in order to ensure a pleasant experience for the visitors or even for households where owners take care of animals held in cages. Creating a dry substrates for animals, means maintaining their good physical appearance and keeping flies or larvae away as they represent health risks to animals but also to the people living in their vicinity.