ZeCo Min is designed for farmers who want to increase productivity by improving the quality of life of their livestock with direct implications in decreasing the number of animals that are sick or dying and in increasing the quality of production.

The use of this feed additive results in the detoxification of the body, increasing resistance to the diseases that affect livestock and even improving the appearance of the animals, such as making the fleece of sheep or fur of cattle and horses shine more or embellishing the feathers of birds.

The Clinoptilolite Zeolite in ZeCo Min supports the digestive process and eliminates hazardous substances such as ammonia, heavy metals, micro-toxines which slows the metabolism and the harmonious growth of birds and animals from the farm. This feed additive has also a role in balancing the PH of the digestive system, its effects being better and significant in the case of young animals.

ZeCo Min feed additive has a strong impact in preventing and treating diarrhea. Moreover, it increases the fecal consistency factor that eventually leads to improved air quality in the farm.

ZECO Min is a 100% natural, safe, stable, and it does not present the risk of degrading or lowering its qualities.

How to use it: 
Add the additive feed into the solid food of animals at a recommended concentration of 1%. In case of acute diarrhea you can use 2% until the problem is solved, then you can resume the dosage of 1% of the feed.

ZeCo Min has no smell and does not change the taste of the feed.

Laboratory tests performed on similar products to ZeCo Min showed a quality increase of meat and milk (by lowering the level or eliminating aflatoxine) and even an improvement in natural breeding. For poultry farms there has been noticed an improvement in the quality of eggs and a reduced number of broken eggs during the collection, packaging and transport process as their resistance grew due to the increase in calcium intake.

ZeCo Min can be used also to streamline fodder flows in the animal feed line by applying a layer that absorbs moisture and prevents clogging. When used this way, one should take into consideration decreasing the concentration of feed additive.

ZeCo Min can be added in the feed bales from the moment they are place in storage, and the benefit is an increased resistance due to the excessive moisture absorption which reduces the risk of rotting if the deposit is not properly prepared.