ZeCo Filter – Bedding for ponds and fish ponds

Waste water and discharged industrial water contain more and more pollutants. Even ground water or mountain rivers which in the past could be used without problems, are now affected by pollutants infiltration in the earth's crust, acid rains or upstream uncontrolled discharges.

Therefore, the drinking water supply of settlements involves filtration to eliminate toxic substances and removing sediments.

ZeCo Filter contains zeolite, a mineral with important properties in absorption of harmful substances and improving water quality. Zeolite has a much higher absorption area than other materials used in water filtering procedures. The ZeCo Filter layer used in filtration systems can be much thinner than for other materials such as quartz.

Also, due to the structure of zeolites, the water pases through the filter granules and not around them for a "washing" type purification. This is why the absorption of harmful substances is much higher than with other types of sand filtration.

On the other hand, ZeCo Filter is not a chemical product that leave traces in drinking water.

ZeCo Filter:

▪           Absorbs heavy metals from water

▪           Absorbs toxic ammonia and sulfide hydrogen

▪           Reduce the concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbons

▪           Removes odors

▪           Adjust the water PH reducing its acidity.

▪           Improves chemical oxygen values (CSHK) and biochemical (BSK5) of water.

▪           It contributes to the denitrification of water (NH4-N).

▪           Reduce the concentration of nitrogen

▪           Prevents clogging due to sediment in filters

▪           It helps to segregate the sediments from water

▪           Reduces algae growth and multiplication

▪           Improves the health of the aquatic environment

▪           Reduce the cost of filtering as it is a more efficient product than other chemicals

ZeCo Filter can be successfully used in water filtration stations but also in household water filters.

ZeCo Filter has a higher life time which involves savings in management filtration systems.

ZeCo Filter can be used to:

▪           Potable water tanks that feed farm animals

▪           Water tanks that feed the irrigation systems

▪           The water in the pool to remove bad odors or toxic substances

▪           Water filtration in aquariums and terrariums


Due to the properties of clinoptilolite zeolite content in ZeCo Filter, filtered water gets a crystalline appearance.


ZeCo Filter may be used as a sand for water filters as well as for blowing water filtering systems.

ZeCo Filter is an 100% ecological product.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.

Usage Recommendations:

Depending on the technical characteristics of filters that are used into water filtration equipments.