ZeCo Ponds – Bedding for ponds and fish ponds

Ponds and fish ponds are true oases of energy that offers the peace and relaxation you need in a fast pace of daily life.

Still, their maintenance is difficult and the water quality is essential to ensure a favorable climate for fish and vegetation which complete their beauty.

Even when ponds or fish ponds are fed by a stream, there is no guarantee that it is clean and free of toxic substances.

ZeCo Ponds is a product specially designed to be used as a bedding in ponds and fish ponds with an active role in water purification by absorbing toxic substances and impurities sedimentation.

ZeCo Ponds is a clinoptilolitic zeolite based product which by its properties substantially helps the improvement of water quality.

Fish full of life and colorful plants are what a lake or a pond with a good quality water can offer you.

ZeCo Ponds:

▪           Absorbs heavy metals from water

▪           Absorbs toxic ammonia and hydrogen sulfide

▪           Reduce the concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbons

▪           Removes odors

▪           Adjust the water PH by reducing its acidity.

▪           Releases the Mg, Ca, K ions and absorbs NH4 ions contributing to water denitrification

▪           Improves chemical oxygen values (CSHK) and biochemical (BSK5) of water.

▪           Reduce the concentration of nitrogen

▪           It helps to segregate the sediments from water

▪           Reduces algae growth and multiplication

▪           Improves the health of the aquatic environment

ZECO Ponds has also a positive effect on reducing the risk of blocking water filters due to sediments

Using a layer of ZeCo Ponds you will have a greater water clarity, which is desirable when the lake or pond is stocked with colorfull fish.

How to use it:

ZeCo Ponds should be laid as an absorption bed on the bottom of ponds or artificial fish ponds. The thickness is determined by the water depth. It is recommended to have about 5-7% of the volume of water in a uniform layer.

ZeCo Ponds bedding is recommended to be replaced every two years, in spring.

ZeCo Ponds is a 100% ecological product.

Since it is a hygroscopic product, it should be stored in dry places.