Global Industry

Natural zeolites are present in numerous places around the world where extracted ore has a lower or higher purity. Annual production of zeolites has reached over 3 million tones in 2012 and the demand is expected to be growing given the numerous benefits and ways that zeolites can be used, in almost any industry.

The presence of zeolites in the world is related to the presence of volcanic rocks.

Worldwide, the largest producer is China with nearly 60% of world production, followed by South Korea, Japan, Jordan, Turkey and the United States.

Projections for 2014-2018 indicate an annual increase in global demand of 7-8%. This increase is mainly attributable to growing demand for industrial catalyst properties of zeolite as well as increased demand from industry manufacturing detergents, one of the main beneficiaries of the exploitation of zeolites globally.

There is also expected a growth generated by agriculture and animal farms as this mineral will be increasingly accepted worldwide.